Frequently Asked Questions

This list is far from exhaustive, so if there is an issue you still are not sure about, please contact us.

Account Query

Any person upto 18 years or corporation from any country can create an account, and we will be glad to accept users from anywhere in the world. The main condition is agreement with our terms.
It is strictly prohibited to register multiple accounts with us. All users accounts are constantly being moderated on affiliate fraud attempts. In the case of a confirmed affiliate fraud case, the accounts involved will be freezed. Use only one account for your needs only.
First of all, use the "Password Recovery" option. If not enough, contact us through the support center to share your personal and account information. To contact us, use the email address used to register your account.
Yes, you can do it. This option is available on the Account Settings web page. You need to enter the necessary data on this page and save the new settings.
You can access your account 24 hours a day, 365 days a year via the Internet and track all actions of your account: investments /funds withdrawal / interest accruals / balance statistics, partners, earnings and current work. Everything is updated in real time.

Investment Query

At this moment we are working with this payment systems Bitcoin and USDT.
The minimum investment amount is 50 USD.
In order to make a deposit, you must be registered. After registration, you can always log in to your personal and secure account using your first username and password you provided during registration, and then make your first deposit. You will need to click "Make a deposit" button in the account menu. There you can choose a payment method and follow simple instructions on the page to complete making a deposit process. The transaction is safe, fast and convenient (it takes approximately 1 minute).
Open your account and go to the "Transactions" menu and you will see the history of all your operations.

Withdrawal Query

Your request will be processed instantly. You will get your funds on your wallet after 3 Network confirmation
To withdraw profits, you need to have an active account in the payment system to which you want to transfer your profits. You can register a payment system details on the “Settings” page. Profits can be withdrawn at any time convenient for you. To do this, log into your account, click "Withdraw funds" button and specify the amount of withdrawal.
You can withdraw funds from the available balance at any time and without a waiting period. The minimum amount for withdrawal is 50 USD.
All transactions are usually performed immediately, because this is the way most payment systems work. However, when the payment system is under a heavy load or if there are errors, delays or refund of payments may occur.

Affiliate Query

Anyone who has an account with us can join our affiliate program. An affiliate program is a set of technical solutions and financial opportunities that have been created for active users who are willing to participate in the development of our company and receive worthy reward for that.
The goal of the affiliate program is to attract as many customers as possible. As a partner, you get a bonus of up to 15% from each deposit of the invited clients to your first line. The more customers you invite, the more deposits they make - the more bonuses you get. To understand that the partner is registered as your referral, we use the referral link. In other words, you must provide potential clients with a referral link so that they can use it to enter the site. If they enter, register and make a deposit, you receive a bonus. Referral link can be distributed personally or via the Internet, on forums, websites, social networks, blogs or instant messengers. You can get a referral link in your account in the "Affiliate Program" section.
You just need to wait. It probably makes sense to place a referral link on more Internet sites or simply send it to people you know, maybe to your colleagues who may be interested in the possibility of increasing their income.
Bonuses are paid instantly after the attracted user has made a deposit.